Breast surgery encompasses all surgeries involving the breast, including augmentations, reductions, and lifts. Women undergo this breast surgery mainly to enhance their beauty and to correct certain functional issues.

An augmentation (enlargement) of the breast is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world, but it is only one option for chest reshaping.

It is possible to augment the breast size by either using breast implants or by transferring autologous fat. Women are often left with sagging, shrunken breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss. To obtain an improved natural breast size after weight loss or pregnancy, they may undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Implants

Women can use breast implants to make their breasts appear more prominent and fuller. Both saline and silicone implants can be used for breast augmentation. During the treatment of saline implants, silicone shells are filled with sterile saline water and other materials instead of silicone gel-filled implants, which are silicone shells filled with silicone gel. Most women prefer silicone gel implants since they are FDA-approved and have the lowest risk of rupture. In addition, silicone gel implants have a smoother and more even texture, making them feel and look natural.

Breast Lift

Breast lifts are also types of breast surgery that can help patients to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing breast contour. A sagging and uneven breast with reduced breast volume and drooping nipples can be effectively treated with this procedure by recreating a youthful breast shape. Excess skin is removed during a breast lift procedure, the breast tissue is reshaped, and the nipple and areola repositioned.

Due to gravity and aging, the results obtained from a breast lift surgery usually diminish over time. Additionally, the procedure leaves behind some scars that will fade with time and can also be covered up using clothing. After completing the pregnancy and breastfeeding, however, patients can choose to undergo a breast lift procedure.

Sometimes surgeons perform breast augmentation and breast lift in the same procedure. However, they do not produce permanent results. Outpatient surgery is performed in this case and is considered to be a reasonably safe procedure. In the first week following breast lift surgery, patients can resume normal activities.

Breast Re-implantation

Breast re-implantation surgery, also known as breast implant revision surgery, is a procedure to replace old breast implants with new implants. Often the goal is also to change or improve the appearance of the breasts while updating the implant material.

Breast Reduction

Surgically reducing the size of the breasts requires the removal of tissue and skin from the breasts. The procedure is also known as mammoplasty, which can relocate and reduce the areolar region. Breast reduction surgery may be particularly beneficial in women with excessively large breasts since large breasts can lead to neck, back, and other physical symptoms.

Candidates Suitable For Breast Reduction

Overly large breasts are often associated with various health issues and emotional discomfort, low self-esteem, physical pain, infection, and rashes. It is also possible that the extra weight of the excess breast tissues could interfere with the ability to lead an active life such that physical activities become difficult. Those suffering from such conditions may consider breast reduction surgery.

Male Breast Reduction

Due to natural evolution, men and women have different breast structures. But in some cases, Gynecomastia (commonly known as "male breast") can be a problematic condition. The glands that produce milk in female breasts differ from those that function in men. This, however, does seem to be the case in some cases, resulting in male breasts. Even a man's additional fat deposits can cause his chest to appear like a woman's. It can cause embarrassment and a loss of self-confidence. In this case, a male breast reduction surgery is available to address the issue.

Fat deposition in most parts of the body, until a certain point, can be controlled through diet and exercise, but male breast formation cannot be controlled in the same manner. During puberty, it is caused by an imbalance between androgens and estrogens, causing the glands to form and deposit. These glands stay after puberty, as well. An increase in fat deposits in the breast area can occur at any age and for a variety of reasons, known as pseudogynecomastia (due to a lack of gland formation and deposit).

Whenever such situations arise, the process of removing the additional mass around the areola area to reshape the chest area of the man is done by an expert surgeon who has taken due assessments and precautions. At our end, we use specific liposuction techniques and cannulas that guarantee scarless liposuction.


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